Middle Of The Night Remix Contest!

DJ Marky – DJsounds Show on the PLX-1000s

First Time / Last Time: Marcus Intalex

This came through being a bit of a cheeky shit to be honest. At my local club, The Angels in Burnley, there was one DJ who played about 20 minutes of decent house every night and another DJ who played cheesy party rubbish. One night I decided I’d had enough of it so tried to switch him off, but got caught by a bouncer who kicked me out.

Love this bloke – great interview here

Seeya Later CDs!

This is actually incredible – check it out

Sampha – Too Much (Spectrasoul Bootleg)

Such a tune, and its free!!

Free Tunes From Mr C

During the ninth week in our extended Beatport Decade celebration, we move to Andy C. Few in dance music can claim career longevity more than drum & bass’ most revered icon. With more than 20 years under his belt as an artist, label head and as a highly regarded DJ, Andy’s reputation to utterly annihilate the dancefloor has earned him the prestigious nickname, “The Executioner.”

Check it

Perez: Against The Clock

I love these shows, god it makes me want to become a producer but at the same time not become a producer, especially when your competing against talent like this! Big ups FACT MAGAZINE

Ulterior Motive – The Fourth Wall

Whoa… Just downloaded it from the Metalheadz store (so much cheaper than Beatport) Loving it so far, standout tunes are INTA National // EDGES // SIDEWAYS. Plus you feeling the logo? ‘Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication…

STRAY – Free Downtempo Beats

Get em all here | Preview it here

Ekko & Sidetrack travel to 1998 (Drum and Bass & Rave Culture)

Gets me every time!

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