It hasn’t taken long, but here we are, staring down the barrel of the first ever commercially released 3D printed record. Earlier this year researcher Amanda Ghassaei sent a series of (somewhat distorted) shockwaves around the music industry when she posted instructions and prototypes of the first ever 3D printed record onto the open source blog Instructables.

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Judda – Pressure Plate VIP (Free download)

Technics Replacement?

So Lenzman Will Be In Raderlaide… Melbourne Too Perhaps?

Lenzman is returning to Australia in October to promote his recently released debut album on Metalheadz – “Looking At The Stars”. He is the king of class, the master of smooth and we’re proud to have him come back to perform on the decks for us once again. Stay tuned for more info with venue and support acts etc soon.

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Classical VS D&B: A study by Keeno

“People view classical music as a different world to what they listen to today. They think it’s gone and dead and happened. But it’s still happening and evolving just as much as drum & bass,” he explains. “If people spent half as much time listening to it as they do listening to electronic music then they’ll realise how musical it is. There’s a whole world of music to explore… And it works both ways. The people who teach me in university aren’t entirely aware of what I do outside of my studies. They think modern electronic music is taking attention away from them. For me it’s not about competing… I’d love to see both worlds work a little closer together.”

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Evol Intent – Under The Radar [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Pharrell Williams – Happy (Makoto 170 Edit) FREE TUNE


Good to be back in Melbourne? What have you been up to?
I’ve been writing a lot the last few months, DJ’ing, surfing, reading. Listening to a lot of DnB. Loving the music from guys like Annix, Hoogs, Hedex, Level 2, Raz, Majistrate.

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Zombie Cats – Nazareth (EATBRAIN010) FREE Download

MDNB Interviews Sam Thomas

What brought you to Melbourne?

A multitude of reasons! New Zealand was in some pretty dire times financially, my local club ‘PHAT’ had shut up shop a year prior (may it rest in peace), National Party had just been voted back in and I had grown up in a town of approximately 46,000 so I really needed a change of pace. I had heard a lot about Melbourne, the nightlife and arts in particular, and decided that it was close enough to home that I could jump ship and run back home with my tail between my legs if it went pear shaped….

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