New Blood – Worries In The Dance [Ivy Lab's 2020 Bootleg] FREE!!

Everybody loves new BREAK!

Press release:

Break – Coming 4 U – Warm comms – Sept 8
Vibing off of light, layered keys and female R&B coos, Break gives us a rolling five minutes of pure A-side. Not to be lost in the air, a thickly chopped break plays overtop sub bass as filter resonances enter at the offsides, carefully touching on the interplay of voice and gated percussion. This is a rattling piece that’s as much deep house as it is liquid step. Break’s take on Mako’s recent Billie Holiday homage bounces its bass and hi-freq drums between two densely layered snare notes. Splices of tape-delayed voice dither off into an empty jazz-space, leaving a heavy analog-sounding synth, motes of vinyl dust and a closing section that fades just before returning to the tonicó ready for the final phase of your mix.

Dj Marky Interviewed by Fabric

What have been the most pinnacle and unforgettable moments of your career so far? 
I’m fortunate enough to have had a great career thus far, but having ‘LK’ in the Top 20 is a definite highlight. As I said before, playing alongside Mixmaster Mike was incredible. Reaching 20 years as a professional DJ was also a major milestone for me too. So many moments, I could go on and on…

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Press Release: Response is back on Ingredients with one of his best 12”s so far & having already set the benchmark very high, that really is saying something. ‘Son Of Sevenless’ (SOS) is something out of nowhere! A chilling intro which sets the mood from the off, clattering drums &…. To be honest, why try and explain this tune, just put it on and see for yourself!

10 Things they don’t tell Music Producers…. til it’s too late

1. Your first attempts at making music won’t be great, and that’s the way it should be.

One of the biggest mistakes an aspiring producer can make is to think their next song is going to be the song that not only changes their lives but changes music history. Unfortunately, these are the high expectations and pressure they put on themselves & this is the reason they never finish anything. Nothing you make the first time around can compete with the producer’s who have churned out 100?s or even thousands of songs.

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Loadstar // Drowning – Free MP3

Quentin Hiatus – Save The Planet (Free Download)

The Upbeats, DC Breaks, Cyantific, Technimatic Hosted by 2SHY MC!!! // Melbourne Show: October 16

Dat Phat Music Blog // DJ FA Interview

Big ups to Dat Phat MusicA blog that celebrates the whole spectrum of breakbeat culture. (Not just drum n bass) It’s good to see another outlet that promotes the scene and is taking the local dj interview idea further… Recently they had a chat to handsome raconteur DJ FA. Read the full interview here


MDNB Interviews C:1

Ha ha ha! You’re making me nostalgic about IRC!

A: 38
S: tomboy
L: burn city baybay!!! 

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