Why ‘We Are Your Friends’ Tanked In The Box Office

We Are Your Friends, or as I call it, How to Piss Off An Entire Genre of Music Fans, finally opened this weekend in theatres across America. As most EDM fans speculated, the movie did poorly in its first few days out, and is quickly becoming a nightmare for Warner Bros.

This is sooo goooooooooood

Sign The Petition To Stop Rowdy Ronda Trademarking “DnB”

Urgh just stick to fighting – please dont take out acronym

Last week, we reported on Ronda Rousey registering several trademarks surrounding her name and the catchphrase “Do Nothing B*tch,” including the abbreviated version “DNB.” It was a funny little story and just another indication that Rousey is becoming an industry unto her own. But it turns out there’s a group of people out there unhappy about Rousey’s appropriation of DNB, and no… they ain’t no do nothing b*tches… they’re the Drum & Bass scene.


Indifferent – Cardboard Refuge

Derelict, exhausted and bruised, rudeboy Paul Bradford aka Indifferent serves up the utterly gangster “Cardboard Refuge” E.P. Hailing from New Zealand, this man brings true kiwi sound while wrestling with jungle jukin’ and steppin’ riddims.

PLASMA 005 – Cursa – Egg Cup (Out Sept 7th)

Melbourne’s Plasma Audio returns with a fifth single. Plasma has been cutting a a dark and intense path through the drum and bass world with it’s releases so far and this latest addition is no exception. Cursa and Gamma follow in the footsteps of label mates, Icicle, Sabre, Fre4knc, Survey Gusto and take up the reigns effortlessly.  Cursa steps up on the A Side with Egg Cup. An atmospheric cloud of sound design sets the scene and when the fog clears we’re off riding on a technically adept roller with plenty of groove to get your teeth into and a host of edits to keep you guessing. On the flip, Gamma, takes things up a couple of gears with the aptly named track Warthog. An unruly beast of a track that kicks you hard in the face and give you a solid pummelling all the way through. Another strong single from the Plasma camp to finish off the summer.

9 Sound Design Tricks To Hack Your Listeners Ears

This basically falls under the heading of psychoacoustics, and with knowledge of a few psychoacoustic principles, there are ways that you can essentially ‘hack’ the hearing system of your listeners to bring them a more powerful, clear and ‘larger than life’ exciting experience of your music. Knowing how the hearing system interprets the sounds we make, we can creatively hijack that system by artifically recreating certain responses it has to particular audio phenomena.

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Means we can expect these artist to tour nationwide… Andy C / Kasra / Mefjus / Kove / Spor / Sub Focus to name a few

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Erb N Dub – Massacre *FREE DOWNLOAD*

World’s First Blade-Inspired Blood Party To Open On Halloween In Amsterdam

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Rekordbox DJ? Pioneer Is Getting Into DJ Software

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Where have all the clubbers gone?

Young DJs and promoters talk to Newsbeat about how the club scene has shifted away from nightclubs. It’s after we revealed figures which suggest UK clubs are closing at an “alarming rate”.

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